WVR-6R Wolverine

Medium Mech (55 tons)


Well armored and relatively fast, the Wolverine’s mobility is enhanced by its Northrup 12000 jump jets. Unfortunately the Northrups are slightly underpowered for this role and must be run at close to maximum thrust. Consequently, thermal and mechanical failures are common.

As a scout, the Wolverine is not as heavily armed as many other BattleMechs in its weight class. Rather, the design emphasizes endurance and survivability. Even with engine damage, twelve heat sinks can cope easily with the heat generated when moving and fighting. Despite the limited scope of its intended role, the Wolverine is able to hold its own as a mainline BattleMech.

Technical Readout


Conceived as a heavy scout capable of undertaking assignments too hazardous for lighter recon ’Mechs, Kallon Industries’ Wolverine has been produced in prodigious numbers. The design was introduced in 2575 as the newly created Star League Defense Force prepared for the now inevitable
conflict with the Periphery realms. The Wolverine went on to serve with distinction and was later made available to the League Member States, in whose ranks it remains in service to this day.

WVR-6R Wolverine

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