WSP-1A Wasp

Light Mech (20 tons)


The Wasp is often called quick rather than fast. Never one of the fastest ’Mechs, it can nonetheless keep up or ahead of most formations, and the Rawlings jump jets allow the Wasp to traverse broken or urban terrain with ease. Sporting a medium laser and dual SRM tubes, the Wasp can hold off against other recon units and work in concert with other units to bring down enemies.

Technical Readout


One of the most popular ’Mechs in existence, the Wasp is also one of the oldest. Developed to fill a recon role for the Terren Hegemony in 2471, the original lacked missiles and was slower than the current model but performed well. Its appearance on the battlefield shocked opponents when the Wasp leaped into the air, using the first jump jets. In six hundred years of service, the Wasp has shown itself to be a quality recon workhorse in all known space. Frequently paired with the similar Stinger, the Wasp takes on a more anti-vehicular role while the Stinger serves as an anti-personnel ’Mech.

WSP-1A Wasp

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