WHM-6R Warhammer

Heavy Mech (70 tons)


The Warhammer almost defines the heavy weight class of BattleMechs. Respectable armor protects a framework supporting a pair of deadly Donal particle projection cannons, allowing the Warhammer to threaten even the heaviest armor. A six-tube Holly short-range missile system supports these cannons and is itself backed by pairs of medium and small lasers and SperryBrowning machine guns.

With a top speed of 64 kph the Warhammer can keep pace with almost any battle, and eighteen heat sinks allow it the freedom to move and fire without undue concern over heat buildup. Dated but still competitive electronics make the Warhammer a simple but effective machine, equally capable of serving in the line of combat or in a command slot.

Technical Readout


When requesting its design, the procurement officer asked for “a mobile ’Mech with enough firepower to destroy or severely damage any ’Mech of the same weight class or lower.” StarCorps Industries responded with the aptly named Warhammer, and the ’Mech has been smashing its opponents for more than five hundred years. The ’Mech served ably in the Star League, forming the backbone of several heavy and battle regiments, and was a popular ’Mech with the Star League Gunslingers.

WHM-6R Warhammer

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