MAD-3R Marauder

Heavy Mech (75 tons)


Designed as a frontal assault ’Mech, the Marauder is built to charge forward into enemy defenses and shatter them. A matched gauntlet on each arm contains a Magna Hellstar PPC and a medium laser, while a powerful torso-mounted Whirlwind cannon allows the Marauder to lay down a covering barrage as it advances. Sixteen heat sinks allow a competent MechWarrior to keep their heat burden under control. The Maruader’s heavy armor allows it to close with its opponents, though the unusual profile leaves the autocannon and torso rotator rings vulnerable to enemy fire.

Technical Readout


When it was unveiled, the Marauder was hailed as one of the pinnacles of BattleMech design, one of the first ’Mechs to step away from the purely humanoid body type and embrace a more menacing appearance. The ’Mech quickly became popular as a command vehicle, and throughout the Succession Wars many battalion and regimental commanders made their Marauders their second homes on the battlefield. During the years of the Star League the Marauder was a favorite of both the SLDF Gunslingers and the Kuritan ronin they faced.

MAD-3R Marauder

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