GRF-1N Griffin

Medium Mech (55 tons)


Fast and equipped with substantial long-range striking power, the Griffin is a favorite of pilots and commanders. With two tons of ammo for the missile launcher and almost ten tons of armor, the Griffin has staying power as long as the pilot watches heat levels. The only notable weaknesses the ’Mech possesses are the lack of short ranged weapons and the concentration of weaponry on the right side.

A Lyran Griffin and Black Knight battled a Davion Grasshopper and Trebuchet on New Earth in the Second Succession War over a cache of Stingrays. With the Griffin providing fire support, the Knight closed but collapsed after inflicting massive damage. When a well-placed PPC shot detonated the Trebuchet’s ammunition, the combat became a duel between two abused ’Mechs. Damage to the ’Mechs’ legs limited their mobility, and both kept collapsing. The Griffin finally backed off and used its PPC to finish the crippled Grasshopper. After the battle, the exhausted MechWarriors found their efforts were moot—a treaty hammered out by diplomats gave the fighters back to the Free Worlds League.

Technical Readout


One of the first designs to fill the void between the massive Mackie and the smaller recon ’Mechs, the Griffin was considered an advanced design for the time. With the mobility of a recon unit and the firepower and armor of a heavy ’Mech, Earthwerks’ creation reigned supreme on the battlefield for a brief period. Then everything else caught up, leaving the Griffin filling the role of a mobile fire-support unit.

GRF-1N Griffin

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