COM-2D Commando

Light Mech (25 tons)


A short-range brawler, the Commando mounts a fearsome punch for its size that can rock the largest assault ’Mech. This firepower is achieved with pair of short-range missile packs with a total of ten tubes. Backed by an arm mounted medium laser, this armament was frightening when it was introduced and remains a substantial threat, particularly to other light ’Mechs. However, each launcher had only a single ton of ammunition and was unable to draw from the other’s bin. In an extended battle, a Commando would often be left with just its medium laser after a few minutes of battle.

Other minor flaws have been recognized over the Commando’s centuries of service. Its four tons of armor only equal that of lighter ’Mechs. Though the protection matters little against other scouts, this can be a fatal flaw against a heavier opponent. Its lack of jump jets exacerbates the vulnerability, as in heavy terrain the Commando may have trouble escaping a large ’Mech. MechWarriors must be mindful that the Commando’s firepower is not accompanied by equally heavy protection.

Technical Readout


Looking to compete against the popular Wasp and Stinger designs, Coventry Metal Works (then known as Coventry Defense Conglomerate) designed and began producing the Commando, a slightly heavier scout that could easily handle any other reconnaissance units it may encounter or disrupt an ambush with its firepower. The Lyran Commonwealth was impressed and commissioned the Commando into service in 2486 for its exclusive use, employing whatever bureaucratic and diplomatic tools were needed to keep the design out of foreign powers’ hands.

The current Commando is much different than the original. The original was built around a large laser mounted in its right arm instead of the current missile rack, but the poorly cooled laser would break down the lubricants used in the ’Mech’s wrist and hand, leading to an obscenely high actuator replacement rate, sometimes after every test battle. Though the original model was officially replaced by the COM-2D, MechWarriors have periodically attempted to recreate it to personally judge the effectiveness of the initial prototype.

COM-2D Commando

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