BLR-1G BattleMaster

Assault Mech (85 tons)


The Battlemaster’s armament is quite formidable, with a forward-firing Donal PPC and four Martell medium lasers. A pair of Sperry Browning machine guns and a Holly SRM 6 pack give it impressive capabilities against conventional forces, while a pair of rear-mounted medium lasers combined with fourteen-and-a-half tons of armor only enhance the Battlemaster’s aura of invulnerability.

Technical Readout


Debuting in 2633 for the Star League, the Battlemaster is one of the most iconic chasses of its time. Many stories of the Battlemaster’s superior abilities have circulated, from it holding off entire lances single-handedly to a single Battlemaster taking out the defenders of important outposts during an invasion. Though Hollis’ main factories on Corey were destroyed during the First Succession War, production has continued. However, the special needs of such a massive chassis have limited the number produced to only a handful per year.

BLR-1G BattleMaster

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