ARC-2R Archer

Heavy Mech (70 tons)


The core of the Archer’s firepower is a pair of massive Doombud LRM-20 launchers supplied with four tons of ammunition. Though powerful, the missiles’ inaccuracy at short range necessitated the addition of four medium lasers, two rear facing and one mounted in each arm. Enlarged hand actuators not only allow the design to perform devastating physical attacks but also to carry captured supplies away during raids.

The Archer is one of the few BattleMechs whose cockpit is located beneath the central torso, giving the pilot a battlefield perspective quite different from most normal cockpit positions. The armor protection is excellent, and with the torso armor belt is located above the cockpit area, it further protectngs the gyro and engine. When first produced, many pilots entered battle with their missile bays closed to conceal the ’Mech’s true capabilities, leading some to believe it was a specialized close–combat design. Over time this pretense became pointless, as the Archer became so well-known. The Archer is so old and well known that there are few new tricks developed by Archer pilots, but this has not dulled the ’Mech’s reputation in the least.

Technical Readout


The Archer, with its low-slung torso, massive fists, and missile-bay coverings, has one of the most recognizable BattleMech profiles. Designed for heavy-hitting, long range brawling, and fire-support, production commenced in 2474, and despite the carnage of the Succession Wars the Archer continues to be produced to this day.

ARC-2R Archer

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