Back in the early 90’s Battletech was a major obsession of our gaming group. I collected more than 75 Ral Partha battlemechs plus several dozen tanks and other support vehicles. We ran multiple campaigns set against the backdrop of the original universe and the Succession Wars. When the Clan Wars began and the original collection of models were phased out, so were our games.

Last week, my brother (Coinjock) and I were talking about how much fun Battletech had been several days later Kevrry sent me an e-mail, “What ever happened to all of your Battletech stuff?”

That’s all it took! A frenzy of searching through the attic produced the model collection, a little battered but ready for action, and a large box full of books. A new force has been assembled and a new campaign is on the way…

Battle Tech

Untitled doomwh Coinjock